Who is Dave Marshall ?

Dave Marshall is a musician and songwriter/composer of original works. I play guitar, bass and sing professionally. Most of my life I have been a live performer with forays into original music and small record releases.  Currently, and especially during covid, I have put all my efforts into writing and recording new music. Necessity has at times caused me to be a lumberjack, a ranch hand and I spent 10 years as an over the road trucker. Those times are behind me now, and I am determined to let my music flow without distraction. What I hope for now is to put positive entertaining music in front of a larger audience of like minded friends.

Latest Tracks

Daves News from the West

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Welcome to my new website and thanks 

Thanks everyone for coming to visit.  As you might notice my site is still being developed but I don't want to delay any further about bringing you the new music I promised.  I'm so filled with new musical ideas that I just want to let them flow. That's why the first 2 songs are so different.  There are no boundaries and I hope to continue surprising you!  So this should be a journey of discovery for you and me.  I really hope you'll join me.   And I really appreciate any feedback about the songs.  I'm just getting started and I want to keep making it better.      

So you know,  any new song I post will be free to download for 1 month from the date of release.    I'd rather be recording, more than writing emails, so don't worry about getting spammed.  I'll let you know when something new is available.           Alright, here we go,

                                                                                                                                                  Many thanks,   DM